Oldest Past President of the AACVFA Ladies Auxiliary Passes
By Member John Long, Jr.
January 7, 2017

Josephine Seifert of the Brooklyn Volunteer Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary was the fourth President of the Ladies Auxiliary to the Anne Arundel County Volunteer Firefighter’s Association serving from 1944-1946. She passed away at the age of 107 on January 3, 2017. She held the distinction of being the oldest living Past President of the County Association and the Ladies Auxiliary.

Josephine was a charter, life, and active member of the Brooklyn Ladies Auxiliary and served as President and Secretary. She worked as a cashier in the ticket booth at the carnivals, worked bingos, and any other fundraisers the company held. She worked very hard with all she undertook. She always worked for the best end result for the betterment of the company and one that was suitable to all.

When the fire company took one of their fire engines to the schools for May Day, Josephine was one of the members distributing fire prevention information to the children. She was a member of the marching unit. The group marched rain or shine.

Josephine was a regular attendee of the County Ladies Auxiliary meetings until her health prevented her from attending. She was inducted in the County Ladies Auxiliary Hall of Fame in July 1996. When Josephine went in the nursing home, she was insistent that Brooklyn’s dues be paid each year. The dues were later waived by the County Auxiliary as Brooklyn would always be a member in good standing in honor of Josephine’s years of service.

On November 11, 2008, Josephine was recognized at the County Ladies Auxiliary meeting in honor of her 99th birthday. She received a Certificate of Recognition and flowers from First Vice President, Bob Couchenour, on behalf of the Anne Arundel County Volunteer Firefighter’s Association. Chief Matt Tobia, Anne Arundel County Fire Department, presented her with an Executive Citation from County Executive, John Leopold, a resolution from the County Council, and a Certificate of Recognition from Anne Arundel County Fire Chief, Robert Ray. Lois Hetz, President of the Ladies Auxiliary to the Maryland State Firemen’s Association also presented her with a certificate. Josephine was given a corsage by President, Dottie Dean, on behalf of the Anne Arundel County Volunteer Firefighter’s Association Ladies Auxiliary. Patti Kidwell, Secretary of the Past President’s Club for the Anne Arundel County Volunteer Firefighter’s Association, gave remarks on behalf of her many years in the Past President’s Club. The Arundel Ladies Auxiliary presented her with a beautiful birthday cake where all the attendees sang Happy Birthday to her. Josephine’s was overwhelmed with the recognition and her family was also present to share in this event.

Josephine was also a regular the County Ladies Auxiliary Past President’s Club quarterly meetings. She enjoyed the fellowship of the ladies.

Josephine attended the Ladies Auxiliary to the Maryland State Firemen’s Association conventions each June for countless years. She was active on the Ads and Patrons committee and even when her health declined, she always ensured the regular ads she took in the Procedure Book were taken and paid for.