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Welcome to the Official Website for the 
Anne Arundel County Volunteer Firefighters Association
P.O. Box 1230
Severna Park, MD 21146

Become a volunteer! Contact one of our volunteer stations for membership information

* Know what your smoke/CO alarms sound like. Once the alarm sounds, you need to get out immediately.
    o Do your kids know what the alarms sound like and where to go?
    o Create and practice an emergency escape plan.
* If an alarm chirps a single time with pauses in between, it means it may be time to get new batteries or
    change it out for a new alarm!
* If it is a persistent alarm sound, then you and your family need to GET OUT and STAY OUT.
     Meet at the meeting point you’ve picked in your fire escape plan!
* Smoke alarms should be interconnected. When one sounds, they all sound.
    o You want to hear them especially if you sleep with your door closed at night.
    o A closed door may slow the spread of smoke, heat, and fire.
* Test your smoke alarms at least once a month. Press the test button to be sure the alarm is working.
    o This is also a great time to practice your escape plan!
* If your home has them, it is also a great idea to check your Carbon Monoxide Alarms.
    o Know the difference between the sound of your CO alarm and your Smoke Alarms.
* We offer free Smoke Alarms and installations to seniors and those who cannot afford them.
* Call our Public Education Office: 410-222-8303
   or email: to inquire about this program!
    o NFPA Know the Sounds of Fire Safety Video: (516) 2021 Fire Prevention Week Theme - "Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety" - YouTube 

Monoclonal Antibodies for Treatment of Mild to
Moderate COVID-19 in Non-Hospitalized Patients

What You Should Know:
· Monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) have been used for decades to treat certain cancers
   and autoimmune disorders.
· In the case of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, they are developed by
   manufacturing antibodies to specific proteins found on the surface of the virus.
· When administered to a person infected with SARS-CoV-2, MAbs act like the body’s own immune
   system would, reducing the ability of the virus to attach to and infect human cells.
· Three different MAb products are available under FDA emergency use authorization;
    they are currently the only available treatments that are specifically intended to treat COVID-19.
· They can only be administered to people 12 years and older, with mild to moderate COVID-19 who are
   not admitted to a hospital, with no oxygen requirement [above what they might be receiving
   chronically], and within 10 days of symptom onset.
· Patients must have at least one risk factor for progressing to more serious illness:
       o Age > 65 years
       o Overweight (BMI > 25)
       o Diabetes
       o Cardiovascular disease, including hypertension    
       o Chronic lung disease (e.g., COPD, asthma)
       o Chronic kidney disease o Immunocompromising condition or immunosuppressive therapy
       o Sickle cell disease o Pregnancy

Why is this Important?
Evidence indicates that not all people who are eligible for treatment with MAbs are getting it.
They do not seek treatment early enough, and thus are already too ill, or their health care clinician doesn’t suggest it.

What You Can Do:
· If you or someone you know develops COVID-19, ask a physician about MAbs.
· If you care for a patient who might meet the criteria above, advise him/her that MAbs may be appropriate,
and encourage him/her to have a prompt conversation with a physician.

Where can you get MAbs:

Medstar Harbor Hospital    410-350-2246
3001 S Hanover St, Baltimore, MD 21225

ANNE ARUNDEL MEDICAL PARK Pharmacy  443-481-1000

First Call Medical  443-459-1095
1425 Annapolis Rd., Odenton, MD 21113

Traffic Safety:
How should civilians react when they see/hear an emergency vehicle?

  •  Check your surroundings and if possible safely move to the right side of the road.
  •  If moving right is not possible, assess your surroundings as to the best way to make room.
      It might be by sitting still where you are!
  •  Often times there are multiple apparatus responding to a call.
  •  Then bring your vehicle to a stop while the emergency vehicle passes by.
  •  If they are at a stop light and you cannot get over, check both ways and slowly proceed through the light if necessary.
  •  When coming up on an accident on the side of the road, move over to the furthest lane possible away from the scene
      and slow down for the safety of first responders and emergency personnel.
  •  If you cannot vacate a lane, slow down and pass the accident at a safe speed and distance to continue your commute.

When civilians are driving and come across a fireground:

  •  If hose lines are across the road DO NOT drive over them.
         It is illegal to drive over a hose line.
         It can and most likely will damage the hose line and your vehicle.
         It prevents water from flowing which endangers life and property on the fireground.
  •  If possible, find another way around the incident. Even if you have to back up or turn around.
  •  If there is no way around please be patient with our personnel and we will get you through the scene as quickly and safely as possible!
     Remember to always obey traffic laws and be aware of your surroundings when driving!
No Caption Passing of AACVFA Past President Jay Shipley (2004-2005)

Member John Long, Jr., October 20

The Herald Harbor Volunteer Fire Department, the Riviera Beach Volunteer Fire Company and the Anne Arundel County Volunteer Firefighters Association announce with a heavy heart the passing of Past Chief and Past President James "Jay" Shipley.

Jay was a valuable asset and will be deeply missed by his brothers and sisters at Company 13. Rest in peace Jay.
Arrangements will be posted once they ... (Full Story & Photos)

Charles Doug Braun named Outstanding Member of the Quarter for the 3rd Quarter of 2021

Member John Long, Jr., October 02

Charles Doug Braun named Outstanding Member of the Quarter for the 3rd Quarter of 2021

It is with a great deal of pride that the name of Charles “Doug “ Braun is presented as a candidate for the Out Standing Member of the Quarter Award. A relatively newcomer to the Fire Service, Doug joined the Earleigh Heights Volunteer Fire Company in February of 2019. In this brief period of time, he has had a ... (Full Story & Photos)

President  Angyelof, Charles Braun, Donald Evic
President Angyelof, Charles Braun, Donald Evic

No Caption Slow Down Move Over

Member John Long, Jr., November 18

See these?

Do you know what they are and what they represent?

They are the shoes of volunteer firefighters.

They are the comfortable shoes, worn at home, running errands, taking the dog out, raking the leaves.

They were shed without hesitation to don heavy uncomfortable boots and bunker gear designed to offer at least some protection from fire, broken glass, and jagged metal.
Clothing whose ... (Full Story & Photos)

Searching for Information

Member John Long, Jr., November 18

A news article was discovered about a volunteer who died answering a call for an ambulance.
If you know anything about this and can help us with information please contact Chaplain
John Long at (Full Story & Photos)

No Caption
Alcohol Awareness – Rethinking Drinking Habits During Stressful Times

Member John Long, Jr., April 07

Alcohol Awareness – Rethinking Drinking Habits During Stressful Times
We are all facing uncertainty and stress related to the current COVID-19 situation. Fear and anxiety about your health and the health of your loved ones might lead to using alcohol and other substances more frequently. Now may be a good time to reflect on drinking habits and think about how they might affect your health.

The National ... (Full Story)


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