Maryland State Firefighters Association 2024 Winners
By Member John Long, Jr.
June 23, 2024

Congratulations to John Long, Ferndale VFC, for being elected Chief Chaplain of the MSFA.

Congratulations to Ron Block, Cape St. Claire, for being sworn in as a member of the MSFA Executive Committee representing Anne Arundel County.

Congratulations to Karen Willman, OVFC, for receiving the John E. "Sunny" Rose Memorial Award for training hours.

Congratulations to David Lewis, Tim Hammond, Craig Harman, and Bob Rose, all OVFC, for being nominated for the Marbery F. Gates Service Cup Award for members with over 50-years of service. Tim Hammond and Bob Rose are not in the photo.

Congratulations to Meera Patel, OVFC, for receiving the C. Oscar Baker Rookie of the Year award.

Congratulations to Joseph Angyelof, Jr., EHVFC, for the MSFA Family Appreciation Program Award.

Congratulations to David W. Lewis for the receiving the Smith N. Stathem, Jr. Memorial Safety Award.

Congratulations to Joseph Angyelof, Jr., EHVFC, and John "Jack" Hulet, OVFC, (Craig Harman accepted Jack's award), for being inducted in the MSFA Hall of Fame.